Of Love

I will drip in spades; a Djinn
And fawk ink in new sky
To find you, blind
Plenty tears
Ears wrapped in ringtail

While I end your own bloody demons
As we play cleft with the left
Blackest crows, funniest dances; [ … ]
Thems eyes do spiderellåquinthian deem
& Diamonds sing; at 5 over 10

Whirl we left wood circles
Beehymns, talkies,
Box float thoughties
And thread, rhymes & times
Wraps & rounds
In twined mounds, founds; folsy
Folding rhythm
In chocolate in rolls in minds

Even thou’se most rare if boxes that was
Never seen bones or any skull

The Rarest indeeds that round in rings
Them keys to the clocks & locks
With hårpwheels slinging pouring drawing
Moons ago singing alone, drivin blinking
Intune to the fire of the found;
The souls
The tombs;
Then webb’d paves
Connected Chases across ripping
To dance upsun thyn flames!
Longon into the night, smoke rings
Burning thyme, blowsin
In no fear

Howling in dreams
to tell the flowers of time
spun endlessly
On the belts of wild åuromass
Star cross’d & fearless
Whisp’ring pattern to purls

Of you
the one in most
I would chase
and run for in neon dreams
Eyes red, paved’th
ᴘᴀʀᴀ́ᴅᴇɪsᴏs ʀᴇᴀʟᴍᴀ

Talking whispers
Sent from Edėn in rips
Across the earth’t sage weed
Fow souls own twirlin’ holes

​Stairs, stars racer, crash into eye
Roses explosions hearts echos

To bee win the one


– Of Love [E]

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