End Of Days [Spirit Of Mars]

I rum rings aroonde Earth & Moon;

I raise Dungeons in the Sands;

I fill the oceans with blood & bones;

I loots the Seas of Old;


I Reaper Quill from Hearts;

the Souls of Anarchentered Doragons;

the Whips of BloodFire Eyes;


I am the Skull & Roses

      of the Rage in all Streets;

the ashes of March

      & Years of tears in May;

I am the Blood that drips

      throse those drains

in Prose & Paves

     Prayers to the End of Days




the Rafem’age

And stage in Runes & Red Dunes

the pagens & fables

Of’tholy Stables


the fire intombs unrolling;

the tunes; of future unfolding

as rings cross the paths of oceans in solar stars


The Spirit Of Mars


fragments from Chapter 28 [ E ] 

The Arcadian Palms iii.i.iii
Books of  Eden

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