In the year 2550BE
I infiltrated the Advertisers.

We were a global network of activists writers artists designers hackers tricksters poets philosophers & punks; Fighting for people over profits; Stopping big corporations from behaving badly; & Holding the biggest companies in the world to account. I worked the advertising & service design agencies for over 12 years; finding out how they work & the problems they faced in the age of corporate meltdown.


A Rebellion began in the wake of failed attempts at a revolution – uprisings, anti-government protests, Occupy Wall St. & Standing Rock. The streets were alive, fighting for the lives of not only humans but the many sentients that suffer at the mercy of non-entities with a status of personhood in a grand lie of legal fiction. After being silent for so long in an industry plagued by corporate correctness & hardliners who refuse to rebel against the establishment, I knew it was TIME. I had no more refusal left to The Call & I left the Advertising & Service Design world for good.

I ran back to a small island,
where I had already planned a new life

I met the Buddha

I began writing books & poetry

& it became a living, breathing

Black Flag Dream.


Leading Elephants through Arcadia
The debut book & street rat autobiography by David Araeva


“Oh wow, another scything commentary on ‘service’ design, advertising, entertainment & politics …

The Daily Fox

“A radical cosmic rebel’s first-hand account of a corrupt & poisonous global industry; served with a pint & packet of ‘mon-star’ munch …

It’s enough to turn Krishna

              into a bad boy.

– The Holy Hippy

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