The Genie Amanuensis


Number: MCMLXXXIV 281184/2528



“ … We was Pyratin’ on tabs, bɛduɪn & vapour tech that followed the path of celestial objects operating in ink as 2:23

       ‘bone of my bones’

I used to rhyme with them when I wrote, ‘pearls for my curls’ … the Quill body was intellapathic liquiform transfounder & would wrap round hand over hand with hyperdermic needles jacking into the writer’s palms, down to the bone marrow; the reality alined with

       ‘flesh of my flesh’        [ … ]

& like I said, pens are the friends of my ends; as their love is the dress of my death …



The books follow the path of a romantically apocalyptic court jester, an arcturian timelord & ‘Sparky’ the arcadian hustler with a shadow cast across the ages in the dystopian underworld. They write on invisible tabs connected to the meme walls of eternity in source. Live akashic record scripting in hexcode & spells with poetry, verses about the nature of memory, experiencing its effect on reality & further counter cultural psychonautics concerning low-life high technic & magic spiritual awakening in archaic future. As a rapture ensues, an anarchic paradise on Earth is a venture out into the field of a super psychedelic optimal reality & returning to a bar at the end of time where the Grin Reader is always drinking their hearing.

The Genie Amanuensis by David Araeva

“The beginning of a trippy as fuck, SAGA.

– The Acid Party Gazette

“My Elfs are shittin’ themselves …

– The Cosmic Grumble

Universe Glossary of  Pirate Technic & Magic Terms, Conditions …  


either “ART-ist” or “ar-TEE-st” An extremely professional hit-man, who usually has a signature; hit-man; one who circles in Dao [ not to be mistaken with Assassin ]

The Timelord’s Cyber folk Guide


Yamapaṭa यमपट

m. canvas or cloth of Yama (on which the god of death and the tortures of hell are depicted): i-ka, m. man who carries about a Yama cloth; -pada, n. repeated word; -pâlaka, m. Yama’s watchman -pâ la-purusha, m. id.; -purusha, m. id.; -mandira, n. Yama’s abode; -mârga, m. Yama’s path; -yâga, m. kind of Yâgyâ; -râga, m. N.; -râgan, m. king Yama; (á) râgan, a. having Yama as a king; m. subject of Yama; n. Yama’s rule; -râshtra, n. Yama’s realm

The Sanskrit Dictionary

Night the Seventh        [ As camera pans through Blake’s scryptz ]

The time of Prophecy is now revolvd & all
This Universal Ornament [ is mine ] & in my hands
The ends of heaven like a Garment will I fold them round me
Consuming what must be consumd then in power & majesty
I will walk forth thro those wide fields of endless Eternity
A God & not a Man a Conqueror in triumphant glory

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