& all eyes star, rhymes glazed  

Then turn 

for under stars this salt would heave


Scarlet scars 


  … & all eyes star,

rhymes glazed  


Wheeling for days 

over the raptures of May.


Of shadows & spies;

never once sore

The light of days.


& Hells wells would rage

For 40 nights in endless stage


As Burned pages,

Of books that never made it;

Turned in smoulder & stoke


& skin boiled 

    & souls mourned 


The sky was black

    & the rivers were raw


    & A hole would pour 

          Asking for more


    So I ran 

into the forests of time 


     Praying to find;

Across the Earth

        sage & twine


—Nightmares of thē Sadhu IV

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