Agencies [Burning Down]

#Agencies; [ … ] 


They watched the poor


& had no remorse 




For years & years


With nothing to say




Because all they had


Was a corporate agenda 


To this day.




As the streets filled rage


In the names of their betrayal 


None a rebel amoung their sales




The youth became haunted


& the old turned towards them




With weapons of fear


& most fearsome tears.




Eyes rolled back


& tongues spake of justice 




It was just the beginning 


Of raptures in the dust


as they cast out demons amongst us









#Agencies all sat around


While the house was burning down.




Reading the words of rebels 


at various levels




With no guts or glory


To join & fight with us 


in this sorry story.




I loath yr minds


& judge yr crimes


Like most feared 


of those who cry.




I want to burry 


Yr corporate souls


In holes no one knows




While you carry on chatting shit


About generation xyz




We’re all fucking dead.







& I’m happy to die


Knowing I cleft these messages behind




If I could spell the words


To make you lift yr fist in verse


Against corporatisation of thē Earth




Then I would write it a million times


& leave you all behind







All had the resources to do something 


To take action! But ya all died


Serving corporate traps, son!






Dribbling over the latest coke ad,


patting eachother on the backs like twats.



What a bunch of fucking planks.



Chatting about “UX” with no rebel spend


cuz you knew there was no meaning left


in yrh filthy corporate bends & empty trends



… & faced generations of designers,


who knew you were just fucking liers.




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